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Clip-in Extensions with Glam Seamless

Clip-in Extensions with Glam Seamless

*I have been compensated to review this product. All statements are truthful and are my own.

Hello my lovelies! I am super excited to share a new product with you, and one that I know I will continue to tell you over & over how much I love these! They are clip-in hair extensions from Glam Seamless. This was the first time I tried hair extensions, and I am still blown away at how easy it is to slip into my hair. Funny thing, I didn’t even know that the clips are suppose to open and close, hahaha.


Above are the clip-in extensions (they also offer tape-in) which are high quality, real remy hair. I was having a hard time selecting the color for my blonde hair, and the customer service woman I spoke with was very helpful in giving me examples of which one should match best. I ended up with Platinum 1001, which has a golden tone to it. The Platinum 60 is whiter and brighter, not the platinum blonde I have anymore.


I have a great tip for you if you are planning to get your own Glam Seamless clip-in or tape-in extensions. When my hair first arrived, I was super anxious to try them out. They looked pretty good held up next to my head, so I clipped them in! But once they were all in and I looked in the mirror, I did not like what I saw. The extensions were not a perfect color match (they were more golden than my own hair), and the healthy hair of the clip-ins next to my dull damaged hair made it look obvious that I was wearing extensions. I was so bummed that I almost sent them back.


However, I wanted to experiment. I used the Glam Seamless Restorative Hair Mask on my hair (hoping for a little shine), and mixed some purple shampoo with water in a large plastic bowl to let the extensions soak in it for a few minutes. I then gave them a good blow dry. The color was good, but they were still too shiny, so I gave them a heavy sprinkling with dry shampoo powder, and wah-la! They were absolutely perfect!!!


I clipped these in being a beginner and I was amazed. These look like my real hair, and you can not see any lumps on my head where they are clipped in! These are by far one of my favorite beauty/hair products that I have started using in a very long time! I will be making a tutorial video on how easy it is to use these and will post here when it is done.


A super classy (and simple) hair style I did with these was a full, low bun, topped with a flower (see below). It is an effortless, yet beautiful style, which also makes it look like you are so put together.

Get shopping for your new set of extensions, you will not be disappointed!


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