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My Top 20 Items for You & Baby

My Top 20 Items for You & Baby

Hello my friends!  I took some time to put together this post for my fellow mommies, friends and family of expecting moms, and maybe even some daddies.  I think back to my first pregnancy and how I really had no clue what I was actually going to NEED with a baby. Obviously I knew diapers, wipes, & bottles, but what else? I remember going to Babies-R-Us to set up my registry and was overwhelmed by thousands of mostly unnecessary items, or were they necessary? How does a first time mom really know what to get?!? I can tell you now, you will never take out a pee-pee tee-pee during a diaper change (eye roll).

My top 20 list is not in any particular order, but all of these I feel are needed items. Most are for Baby’s safety and Mommy’s peace of mind, while the rest are pretty much everyday essentials dealing with feeding & diaper changes. Every single item below I own. Some items I have linked multiple items, which is me suggesting some similar/cuter/better priced items. I am not being paid by any brand to include their item in this list, but there are affiliate links which I may receive a commission if purchases are made.

Top 20 Baby Items!

1. Backseat Car Mirror:

The backseat mirrors I saw in several stores were ugly, had a foggy reflection, or would not attach correctly in my car. I researched reviews on Amazon, and got this one which I give 5 stars! Just a quick glance over my shoulder and I can see that Rosie is comfy or needs assistance with sun glare or adjusting her blanket.

2. Owlet Sock:

This is an expensive gadget, but I am telling you, the $300 is well worth it! I feel 10x better than I did before! The owlet sock is wrapped around your baby’s foot while sleeping which tracks his/her heart rate & oxygen levels. You can check real time levels on your phone, which I do every time I click it on to make sure it is being worn correctly & is working. Before, I was paranoid about SIDS, and this sock gives me peace of mind which allows me to go to sleep. I know the risk is extremely low, and I know people criticize these monitors, but it helps me rest, knowing that I can assist my baby if needed. Rosie wears her sock every night, and if I put her down for a nap in her room I have her wear it then as well.

3. Security Camera:

Have you ever shopped for baby monitors? They are pricey! Unfortunately, I feel like companies dabbling in the baby market, mark up their prices because they know a parent will pay a hefty price. You do not need to spend $200 or even $400 on a baby monitor. Instead I got this security camera for $50. It connects to wifi so you can watch your baby right from your phone, has a microphone so you can select to listen or even talk to your baby, and I am extremely impressed with the night vision. I checked out some of my friend’s baby monitors which did not have a clear picture, the separate monitor was bulky and seemed like an annoyance to carry around, and the music selection was, honestly, crap. Once I no longer need this in the nursery, I can use it at my front door, or anywhere else around my home. And actually, at $50, you could spend the same amount you would on a typical baby monitor and buy a handful of these to watch over your entire home.

4. Amazon Echo Dot Alexa:

Above, I said the baby tunes on the baby monitor was “crap.” I was at my friends house in her nursery, and what sold me on the Amazon Alexa was when she said, “Alexa, play nursery music,” and on came clear, gentle sounds for baby. She didn’t need to get up and click anything on while nursing. She also orders diapers from it, checks the weather while she’s packing for their weekend trip, and so much more. I went out and purchased an Alexa that next week and have enjoyed it very much. After you purchase, you just plug it in and it starts working!

5. Graco Jogger Stroller / Carseat Travel System:

I had a Graco jogger travel system with Max & was very happy, so I came back to them again! The black stroller looks clean (others colors will get dirty quick), the jogger maneuvers really well, and I also like how the baby sits up higher than other stroller designs, which then provides an large under storage area that holds a ton of stuff!

6. Diaper Dekor Trashcan:

Unless you plan on bagging up every poopy diaper and taking it to the outside trash at 3am and 10 times a day, you don’t need this. Ok, you need this! The Diaper Dekor keeps that stinky stank in, and each bag holds a whole lot fo those stinky bundles. Thank me later.

7. Dock-a-tot:

So I had no idea what to expect with the Dock-a-tot, but I was willing to try anything since Max was a HORRIBLE sleeper. I was up at least one an hour with him. He would wake up wanting to nurse, then would doze for a little, but would be up again soon enough, leaving me feeling like a zombie. Max did not have a full sleep through the night til he was 20 months old! So, understandably, I was open to try new things. The Dock-a-tot had hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews on multiple websites, and they seemed like genuine reviews. My review… Rosie was sleeping 6 hours by two weeks, and at 8 weeks she is sleeping 7-9 hours before waking up to nurse, then down for another 3-4 hours. I am definitely giving credit to the Dock-a-tot! I also like that it fits in my portable bassinet, I can put it in her crib when she sleeps in there, I can easily bring it downstairs to the couch, and if I need to in the future, I could toss in my car & have for her to nap in at Grandma’s or a friends house. I purchased it in white so that I could easily wash and bleach it, but I also love the pink and floral print. There are also many other designs to choose from.

8. Fisherprice Portable Bassinet:

As you may have noticed, I am not one for unnecessary things. A bassinet is something I don’t find to be a needed item, because its a piece of furniture you use for 3 months tops, and they’re expensive! However, this is a portable bassinet, priced at only $60, and guess what? The Dock-a-tot (item above) fits inside of it. In my room I keep this portable bassinet (in a different color scheme) next to my bed and the Dock-a-tot inside for Rosie to sleep. Once she is done sleeping in this, I can still have this in another area of the house for naps, and it folds up easily for storage, or if we were to go on a trip, I have a bed for her wherever we go!

9. Boppy Nursing Pillow:

I had the Boppy Pillow before and got it again for Rosie. It comes in especially handy during the newborn weeks when they are nursing around the clock, but also as when they just want to be held and you want some support, and when they start to sit up. I have also linked the pink slip cover I have below.

10. Yootoo Nursing/Maternity Bras:

During this pregnancy I was so happy I got my nursing bras at the beginning of my second trimester. I didn’t think I’d need them that early, but I slipped one on to try for size and haven’t gone back to those uncomfortable underwires since! Well, maybe two times for an event where I really felt like I needed the extra oomf on the ladies. Now I am still wearing them since Rosie is exclusively breastfeeding. Don’t think you need nursing bras? Yes, you do, unless you don’t wear a bra at all. I prefer the Everyday Bra from Yootoo, it fits like a sports bra, and for low cut tops and dresses I like how it looks like I have tank underneath to not show too m much cleavage.

11. White Baby Onesies:

Don’t think you’ll want your baby in their cutest newborn outfits all the time. You’ll be dealing with lots of spit-up and blowouts, and you won’t want to ruin their cute outfits when you’re just hanging around the house. I’d suggest having 6-12 of these for those outfit changes that could happen as much as 4 times a day.

12. Swaddle Sets / Sleep Sacks:

Swaddle blankets come in really handy, and you know what? They’re not just useful for swaddling your baby. You can use as a nursing cover, car seat/stroller cover, light blanket, and with the set pictured below, they are neutral and SO soft (truly the softest muslin blankets I’ve ever felt), that you could use as a scarf or shawl. Win win! Having a few of these on hand is really useful, and how lovely the Boldernest set below is a pack of three. If your baby doesn’t like to be swaddled, sleep sacks are a good option to keep them comfy & warm while sleeping too.

13. Blanket:

Babies have to keep warm, and what the nurses have advised me is that they need to have one layer more than what you are comfortable in. I feel good about having three baby blankets. With frequent spit-ups and just getting dirty being out & about, hopefully one of those will always be clean for your little one. I had one of these handmade blankets from Etsy on my baby registry. I used BabyList to add everything I needed from multiple websites, and loved it!

14. Nursery Changing Pad & Cover:

For the nursery or changing station, you don’t need to invest in a pricey changing pad, just a changing pad. There’s a huge selection of covers you can get, and I purchased the cover shown below that has a runner of waterproof material down the middle which has made it extremely easy for cleanup when there’s a little transfer or if baby springs a leak!

15. Portable Changing Pads

If your diaper bag doesn’t come with a changing pad, having one of these nearby is always helpful when you’re away from home. Rosie had a blow out the first time I went out running errands with her when she was only 6 days old. I could not believe it! Luckily I had my folded changing pad to switch out her entire outfit. There was no where else I could change her, which would have meant maybe in her stroller? But she has poop all over her! So happy I had this with me. Phew!

16. Teething Toy

Well, I have not used this item yet! But you never know when that first tooth could come in. All of my mommy friends swear by this little giraffe, or you can get a deer, for their teething babies. I made sure to add it to my registry, and I look forward to having the cure-all for a grumpy teether.

17. Diaper Bag:

Pick out a diaper bag that will last at least two years, unless you plan on buying a new one within that time. I got the black Tous diaper bag seen on the left, and I am so far extremely pleased. The hardware, material, and straps are of better quality than what I saw on the bags at big box stores, and I hope that means it will withstand the wear it will receive in the coming months and years. If I do pick up another one, it will be one or both of the other two below. You know I love leopard and roses!

18. Baby Skin Care:

Below are my favorite baby skin care items. I mostly use Burts Bees, especially the diaper cream, but I also like the Babyganics bedtime bubble bath. I have noticed a significant difference in Rosie’s sleep quality the nights she gets a bath before bed, which means better sleep for me!

19. Belly Band

I started using this waist trainer a couple of years ago when I wanted to see results while working out. I have continued using this post labor and I would hope it gets some of the credit of my waist getting close to its prepregnancy size at 8 weeks postpartum.

20. Postnatal Vitamins

I am sensitive to a lot of things, including vitamins and supplements, but not only was I able to keep Rainbow Light down, I also felt great during and so far, after, my pregnancy. I took their prenatal, and am now on their postnatals. I have received many compliments on my appearance about looking healthy & happy, and I can only wonder if the vitamins I took are a contributor.

 Hope you found this article useful!



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