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One Month with Baby Rosie! & Birth Story

One Month with Baby Rosie! & Birth Story

Although this post may be a bit off the path of what I typically share, this last year I have heard a lot from you readers that are already mommies, want to be mommies, or that are just curious about pregnancy & motherhood.  So I wanted to share this part of my life with you, which may be a little TMI, but honestly I kept the details minimal.  I would love to hear from you in the comments if you went through any of the same things, and feel free to ask questions if I didn't answer them.

Wow!  It has already been one month since bringing home our newest addition Rosie!  In a way it feels like she has been a part of this family for so long, but also as if it were my first night home over & over, soaking in every sweet moment I get to lay in bed flat on my stomach.  

She came quite fast compared to my last delivery, but the days leading up to her birth day seemed endless.  The non stop trips to the bathroom, finding a comfortable way to sleep, finding clothes that fit, sweating from just sitting still, yuck! and those were just the beginning of my complaints.  But what about those home remedies to induce labor at home?  Nope, they don't work for me.  I thought I'd be walking around 9 months pregnant forever.  No, I didn't actually think this, but I was physically exhausted, and wanted to have my little Rosie in my arms.

With my previous pregnancy I was induced because of fetal heart rate concerns, and I was trying to avoid it this time because of how long it all took as well as some painful & scary moments.  From start to end it was 46 hours!!!  I was given pitocin, a cervical balloon, I had my water broke by a doctor with horrendous bedside manner (to say the least), an epidural 30 hours later at only 2cm while experiencing torturous contractions, and finally I had a retained placenta (this was the scary part), all while not eating or sleeping the entire time.  I did not want these events to happen AGAIN! 

So skipping to the end of Max's delivery... that "scary" part... actually came after Max was born.  Because I had a retained placenta, I had been given an oral spray of nitroglycerin in the delivery room.  Being in labor as long as I was, this spritz allowed my body to relax, including releasing the placenta, sounds gross but this is what all go through.  Once the placenta had been removed I should have been wanting to hold baby Max, but I didn't.  My blood pressure had dropped quickly in a matter of minutes, but I was unaware of this, and neither were the remaining nurses in the room.  Laying in bed, I felt so exhausted I had no excitement to see my new baby.  I just wanted to close my eyes.  Then I heard a nurse say, "Do you want to hold your baby?" and I remember slowly turning my head toward this voice, seeing a smiling nurse, bent down with Max bundled in her arms, and all I could let out was an exhausted groan.  Her smile faded and she said, "I'll come back."  Within seconds all of the nurses rushed around my bed, one reached over my bed to unplug a tube from my IV, and another called on the phone for more help.  It was all a fuzzy feeling, like I was about to pass out, and later my mom told me she had left the room crying because I was turning blue.  But then just like that, my blood pressure got back to more normal levels, and there I was, holding Max, and Josh was at my bedside feeding me my dinner.  Needless to say, those chain of events made me a bit hesitant to have another baby. 

This time, with Rosie, the hospital had concerns again with the heart rate as well as my fluid levels when I went for monitoring, and there I was being induced again.  As the hospital staff transferred me from monitoring to delivery, all those memories were flashing through my mind, totally stressing me out.  How was I going to deal with this all over again?  To my surprise, I am happy to say it was quite an uneventful labor story.  I was induced with the pitocin and the balloon, I got an epidural before the contractions were unbearable, & the following morning Rosie came out with pretty much no effort on my end.  Oh! and so did the placenta!  In fact, everything went so smooth I requested to leave the hospital a day early.  Since then Rosie has been settling in at home just fine, AND she's sleeping!  Holy moly!  Never did I think I would be so lucky!  

Thank you so much for all of your well wishes during the last 9 months.  My blog content took a little bit of a turn for obvious reasons, but I do intend to get back to more vintage inspired style posts.  However, there will be plenty of Rosie updates here as well.  I hope you don't mind.  Scroll down to see more of our little Baby Rosie!

xo, Tara & family


Above: finally meeting Rosie


Above: at the hospital with Daddy.  She loves hearing his voice.

Above:  Excited much?  Max has been impatiently awaiting the arrival of his baby sister.  


Above: The most stylish 2 week old, Rosie rocking a turban.

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