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38 Weeks with Tous!

38 Weeks with Tous!

*The item shown on this page was gifted to me by the brand in return to share my honest review on my blog.    


There are a few things when getting ready for a new baby that I suggest researching before purchasing instead of grabbing whatever is on the shelf on the nearest big box store.  Since I am not a first time mom, I know (for most things) what I want and don't want.  If you could see my gift registries side by side between this one and my first you'd see how my priorities have changed.

  So what are those items I suggest researching?  Those would be your stroller & car seat, baby monitor, and diaper bag.  All of these items come in different styles, have a variety of features and benefits, you'll use them everyday, & also have a wide price range.  Maybe I will do a post on all the items I have purchased for Rosie, but for today I want to show you what I got from Tous!


Ta-da! Here is my diaper bag, which will basically take the place of my daily handbag for some time.  Of course, I did have my eye on this as well as a pink and a leopard print diaper bag, but the longer I thought about it, a pink or leopard print bag won't always go with what I am wearing.  Now you might be thinking, why not just get all three handbags?  Not only would that cost a small fortune (diaper bags aren't cheap), but you know what it's like when you swap handbags... thinking you won't need this or that, then you're out and your kicking yourself for not transferring all the items.  This just can't happen when you're lugging around baby necessities.  This classy diaper bag from Tous also made my decision easier by it's "shocking"  interior....


Have you ever bought something because of the lining?  I have!  This was the perfect meeting point with all of my wants in the look of my diaper bag and going with a black exterior, but then having a shocking pink lining.  So cute!  The main storage compartment is generously sized and also includes six interior pockets, all lined in pink of course!  As well as two exterior side pockets for easy access, and the front zip pocket which would be great for my phone and wallet (these also provide that lovely pop of pink).  There are two canvas and leather wrapped hand straps, detachable shoulder strap, and two concealable stroller straps.  On top of all of those important design features, this bag is topped off with classic gold hardware (unfortunately, the photos look silver), I never buy purses with silver or too much hardware.  


The entire handbag, inside and out, is liquid resistant.  Trust me, you will spill SOMETHING, someday, inside & on your diaper bag, so this is a huge plus!  And speaking of liquid resistant, the bag also comes with the best fold-up diaper changing pad I have ever felt.  It is large, padded, and has side fold storage compartments.  On top of all of those important design features and benefits, this bag is topped off with classic gold hardware (unfortunately, the photos look silver), which is pretty much a must for me when it comes to fashion.  Gold is classy. 

I just checked at the Tous website and the Brunock Baby Bag is on sale!  Click here!


Here I am at 38 weeks pregnant.  When I can't find clothes to purchase, I buy handbags... or diaper bags! 


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