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A Night at The Glamour Ball!

A Night at The Glamour Ball!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of bringing thee most glamorous event to Viva Las Vegas!  I was absolutely blown away to the response of my event as soon as it was announced, then I had an overwhelming amount of submissions I had to go through for the Miss Glamour contest, and finally all of you that showed up on Saturday night made all the stress and time of planning make it all feel worth it.  I wanted to throw a big party for all of us who appreciate vintage glamour, and I felt like that's exactly what we did.  Everyone was decked out, it was practically blinding looking out into the crowd! 


The evening was kicked off with live entertainment from Bobbi De Carlo & The Starlites!  


Then, my cohost (who happens to be one of the best dressed men at Viva Las Vegas) Mr. Big Sandy, and I took the stage to start the glamorous festivities.  We started with what everyone goes crazy for....prize bags!  We had giveaways from Besame Cosmetics, Suavecito, Immorally Yours, & Sort This Out Cellars.  People were rushing the stage to get their chance at one of these prize bags!


I could not wait to get the contest started to crown the winner  of Miss Glamour!  First, I had to welcome my hand selected panel of judges to the stage... Diablo Rose, Bryona Ashly, Greta Gardner, & Dottie Deville.  I am so glad I did not have to make the decision myself, as you will see, all the contestants looked amazing! 


The 25 semifinalists had their chance to walk the stage, but we had to quickly narrow it down to the top 12 (seen below).  Look at all those beautiful colors and sparkles!  These ladies were then each asked a question from the judging panel... who did you like most?


As the judges tallied their scores, we decided to do a surprise Miss Glamour winner for one of the beautiful audience members.  Big Sandy and I had our eyes on some sparkling ladies and asked our favorites to come up on stage.  


We were so fortunate to be able to have such wonderful prize sponsors to put together this prize bag including gift certificates from The Pretty Dress Co. and Mischief Made, as well as goodies from Besame Cosmetics & Suavecito. 


Our audience winner was Miss Tammi Savoy from Chicago!  Look at her looking like a living Cinderella in powder blue.... wow!


We were having so much fun, but I know the audience was anticipating the announcement of who was going to be crowned Miss Glamour.....

but first.... how about another giveaway!?!


Alright alright!  The judges handed me their final scores.  First runner up was the beauty in blue Miss Emerald Eden! 


and the WINNER is......

Miss Millie Rose Mitchell!


It was no surprise to hear that Millie is a vintage gown collector and that insane fur boa is a true vintage collectors item, a piece which once belonged to Gypsy Rose Lee!

Millie & Eden each went home with a generous gift certificate from our sponsor The Pretty Dress Company, as well as prizes from Mischief Made, Polished Raven, Unique Vintage, Besame, Suavecito, Spike & the Camera, and more!

Before we knew it, the night was over, but the room stayed packed for some time as we all mingled, took pictures, and had a final drink.  The word on the street is The Glamour Ball will be back, will you be attending next year?

ellen von unwerth

See you next year!  Ellen Von Unwerth already predicted Baby Rosie will be next year's Glamour Ball winner! 

(Big thanks to my husband, Josh, and good friend Spike & the Camera for snapping these photos from The Glamour Ball)

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