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My name is Tara, and this is my Platinum Parlor.  I am a wife & mother living a life inspired by feminine feels & vintage vibes.  Here, I document my adventures around Southern California involving classic fashion, beauty products, home decor, & places of interest.  Please come in and stay for a while...

Name Reveal & Pregnancy Update!

Name Reveal & Pregnancy Update!

Hello lovelies!  I wanted to come on here and do a post full of my pregnancy info that may give answers to some of your questions.  On Instagram I have heard from several of you who are or are excited to become mommies, and want to ask questions about my pregnancy!  I don't mind getting these at all.  I'm actually one of those people that tends to say TOO much (especially when it comes to personal business), so let’s have fun with this.  If you don't think I've covered anything, just ask away in the comments below.  

So.... I am pregnant!  duh.... and just a little more than half way through this life changing time of my life.  Sometimes I wish it could go by quicker.  Did you know a dog’s gestation is only 9 weeks? Lucky bitches!  I actually get a little peeved at moms bragging on social media about how much they “love” their pregnancies.  Puuuh-leeeease!  Everyone’s different, and I have considerably mild symptoms, but still... it is so tiring & uncomfortable!  However, with all my complaining and the pain of labor, it is truly all worth it.  

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I am now 22 weeks.  Wow!  The time seems to be going by quicker than the last, and although I am excited to be getting closer to the end, we still have so much to prepare for baby Rosie!  Ta-daaaa!  She will be our little baby Rose (Rosie)! I have always loved that name, and I think it will be the cutest thing with the possibility of her colors & features between my husband and I.  Roses comes in all colors don't they? 

So of course, most of the questions I have been receiving have been: Do you have morning sickness? Any cravings? Body changes? Weight gain? Any movement in the belly? Other symptoms?  I feel much different today than I did a few months ago, and since this is my first "update" discussing actual symptoms of my pregnancy, I will list what I can from the beginning....

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The First Trimester

I found out I was pregnant, pretty much as soon as I missed my period.  Seems obvious right?  This was in early November, right after I had committed to participating in the month long daily pinup hair challenge.  I do not like giving up on things, and I somehow stuck with it everyday to the end.  Between this time and mid January I dealt with what I call morning queasiness.  I only had two days of actually having my head in the toilet, which is very little compared to what some mommies get.  However, it was just about every day I felt nauseous all day and night, which made me eat foods not typically in my diet.  I eat healthy, avoiding most carbs, and at this time that was all I seemed to want.  It felt like feeding myself these foods would wear off the nausea, but instead I was giving myself an extra 10 pounds to carry around by the end of this trimester, and there was no baby bump yet (the photos from this post were taken at 10 weeks).  Every day I was craving toast, tacos with extra hot sauce, sub sandwiches, and sour candy.  I was also so exhausted I couldn't seem to peel myself off the couch (except to feed my cravings).  Days like this I would say to myself, why the hell did I get pregnant again?  Oh right, that cute little babe growing in my belly.

 Some other symptoms I had were: sore breasts (this was one of the first symptoms), mild cramping & round ligament pain, constant bladder fullness, and being cranky & emotional (not like me at all).

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The Second Trimester

Depending on who you ask, the second trimester starts somewhere around week 12 to 14, which is typically when expecting mommies gain back most of their energy and morning sickness will subside.  I definitely feel better, but some days are still rough.  In fact, the day I started this post I was vomiting the entire morning, and I am still finding myself napping most days (very unusual for me).  Many moms will agree that pregnancies with baby girls are more difficult than boys, and at this point... I agree!  My weight is still steadily increasing, currently somewhere around 15-16 total pounds gained, which concerns me....  I am at the high end of normal weight gain (I'll give credit to my current craving of Coco Krispies after dinner), and about the same of where I was with Max's pregnancy.  Next week I will be tested for gestational diabetes, which I was diagnosed with during his pregnancy.  I won't get into the frustration of that now... but, I am hoping that is not something I'll be dealing with in the near future!  

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So far I have had three ultrasounds, two of which have been in the last 8 weeks.  At week 14 I went to a private ultrasound center (set up only for gender reveals & baby images), which was a nice setting to have my husband, kids, and mom join along as we got to find out I was pregnant with a girl.  That being said, I tend to be pretty skeptical and couldn't begin any planning with this girly news until I could have it confirmed.  At 19 weeks I had another ultrasound appointment, referred by my doctor, who immediately confirmed I was carrying a baby girl. Yay!  This appointment was awesome.  The technician spent an hour waving her wand across my belly and showing me all the parts she was getting images of for medical purposes.  She showed me heart valves pumping, all ten fingers & toes, and a cross section view of her spine, so cool!

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Finally my baby bump is A BUMP, and that bump kicks now too!  It was only a few weeks ago I started to feel little movements inside, and just in this last week, Josh (my husband) & Max have been able to place their hand on my tummy and feel those kicks.  Speaking of growing body parts....my belly isn't the only thing growing... my boobs are out of control (among other body parts)!  I have ditched the underwire bras for some maternity/nursing styles from a company called Yootoo Bras (pictured below).  I am currently around a (natural) 36DD/DDD and prefer how the Everyday Bra style in a size large fits all this surface area, its like wearing a comfortable sports bra.  Then when Rosie is here, these will still be wearable, comfortable, & nursing friendly!  Last week I also had to break down and get these maternity jeans.  I was trying to avoid them as long as I could, but now I am so happy I got them.  A post later this week will show me wearing them, styled with a vintage blouse & an amazing foldable wood handbag!

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That's all for now!  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or give feedback about your pregnancy(ies).  

xoxo, Tara

Outfit Details:

The Girl Can't Help It blouse from Joanie Clothing

High Waisted Pencil Skirt from Vivien of Holloway

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Vintage Style with Lucky Lou Shoes

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