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My name is Tara, and this is my Platinum Parlor.  I am a wife & mother living a life inspired by feminine feels & vintage vibes.  Here, I document my adventures around Southern California involving classic fashion, beauty products, home decor, & places of interest.  Please come in and stay for a while...

A Big Reveal!

A Big Reveal!

Have you heard? If you follow me from my Instagram page you may have seen now that I have let the secret out that I am PREGNANT!   After many discussions of, do we have another?  The answer was made for us, and of course now we wouldn't want to have it any other way.  Even before this pregnancy, I'd be out with my two sons, and oddly enough, it was a regular thing to get a question from a complete stranger, "So are you going to try for another one in hopes of a girl?"  Well.... I'm not complaining about the boys am I? why do I NEED a girl?  Of course I'd never say this, I'm also not offended at all by this question.  My point is that I've been really happy raising Vinnie and Max.  They are both so well mannered, very sweet, but also so different.  I love their interests and silly potty humor.  I would do it all over again times 10!

Now that's me.  I didn't say I was speaking for my husband or anyone else.  He has always wanted to have a little girl around, my mom has all grandsons and made it pretty clear she wanted a granddaughter (no pressure), and Vinnie, being so into fashion design, ballet, and all things pretty, also expressed MANY times how fun it would be to have a baby sister.    

14 week ultrasound gender reveal .JPG

So.... did everyone's hopeful  wishes come true?  We went in for our gender reveal ultrasound a few weeks ago.  Leading up to this, I was googling all sorts of questions about how expecting mother's have different symptoms with boys and girls.  The answers were all over the place, and my symptoms fell into every category.  End result, googling never helps.  I asked everyone on the way there what they predicted and what they would want.  I already knew what Josh and Vinnie and my mom would say.  My mom even kept telling me, "You're much more tired than before.  It's a girl"  Am I?  I was f***ing exhausted before, but ok!  Haha.  The best came from Max who said, "We need a girl in the house."  Ok, now everyone wants a girl, and I'm over here going, "Hey, whats wrong with the boys?"  I prepared everyone to not be let down if there were another mama's boy growing inside of me, they all agreed, they'd be happy either way.  

So.... we make our way into the ultrasound room (which is a very easy process for you non-mommies), and the technician starts sliding around her wand across my, what was then just a, jiggly belly.  Somehow, this makes me feel a bit choked up, just waiting to know... what am I going to raise next? Will my family be happy with another boy? I know I will.  Are they going to cheer in excitement if it's a girl?  I will for that as well!  I watch the screen and think I am pretty familiar with baby parts, then I spot the weenie.  I don't say anything.

"Ok, are you ready?" the technician says only a minute into the ultrasound.  

"It's a girl!"

pink quilt .jpg

Okie dokie, so that wasn't a weenie?  And maybe my mom was right that I was more sick and tired this time (it is common for mom's to have different symptoms between pregnancies with boys and girls).  Most excited was my mom of course, and I could see Josh trying to hold in a huge smile across the room.  Inside I immediately felt like a girl was what I always wanted.  Oh! being pregnant is so silly, your hormones are all over the place, and I don't think you are ever feeling exactly one way.  Just wait if you haven't been through it already.  

So now for the planning and everything pink!  This is going to be so much fun isn't it?!  Since we are still months away from the arrival of our little girl (no name yet), I get to start with decorating the nursery.  I always need that one piece of inspo to start any creation, and to my luck I had the sweetest owner of a local brand called High Ruin reach out to me.  High Ruin started with the motivation to help raise awareness of young homeless girls on the streets of Los Angeles, and I hope sharing it with you can do my part to help as well.  Read more about their story here.

pink floral blanket.jpg

Currently they sell their Rose Garden Throw in three colors: pink, blue, and black, and if it weren't for having a girl on the way, I don't know which color I'd choose!  I have a special love for Victorian floral, and it was exactly what I had in mind for the nursery.  Isn't it crazy how things just fall in to place at the right time? 

pink floral quilt.jpg

I still have a lot more planning with not just the nursery, but with everything else as well.  I need to find a diaper bag, baby monitor, and all those other baby supplies all over again.  I don't have anything left over from Max, I was pregnant with him six years ago already!  I would love to hear your feedback on favorite products and where to get them.  I really feel like a new mommy all over again, I know things have changed so much since my last time around.  

Stay tuned for more updates!  Please share any advice or questions in the comments <3

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