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My name is Tara, and this is my Platinum Parlor.  I am a wife & mother living a life inspired by feminine feels & vintage vibes.  Here, I document my adventures around Southern California involving classic fashion, beauty products, home decor, & places of interest.  Please come in and stay for a while...

Valentines Day with Review Australia

Valentines Day with Review Australia

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*This is a sponsored feature done in collaboration with Review Australia.  All Opinions are my own.*  Hello beauties, are you ready for all the lovey-dovey stuff that this week brings?  Even if you don't have a specific Valentine to go out with, I still think it is a great time to spread love to friends, family, coworkers, and heck... even strangers.  (Fun fact: my mom still gives my sister and I a Valentine's Day basket with small gifts and chocolates each February 14th).  Although I rock hearts, and pink with red year round, lets take it up a notch this week... I don't think anyone will be complaining.  


I had the opportunity to work with Review Australia again, a high quality clothing line with classic vintage-y vibes from Australia (of course!).  If you know my style, below the knee is a must, so seeing a current brand making garments with my preferred hem line is absolutely fantastic.  I snagged the Falling in Love Prom Dress just in time for the lover's holiday, but it won't be stored away till next February... this cutie will be at the front of my closet all year!  

Aside from that perfect hemline, here are some other great features of the dress.  First of all, like all of Review's items, the quality is top notch.  Everything I have picked up from this company is lined, which feels so nice against your skin, especially when I love silky fabric.  Ohh-la-la!  This dress also has a layer of tulle, allowing the skirt to flare out naturally, but not so much you look like a walking caricature.  The Falling In Love dress also has hidden pockets in the skirt, which seems to be a requirement of dresses these days, haha, as well as a red patent leather belt which is a requirement of mine.  I almost can't go without a belt when wearing a dress because I love the way it draws your eye into the waist.  This is especially important to me these days because I clearly am showing off that baby bump!  


Hello!  Are you seeing this?  I am already about to hit 19 weeks you guys.  Which by the way, I am a little torn if I love or hate the part where you show so much sooner after previous pregnancies.  One thing I do love is that I am feeling much better now that I am in the second trimester, so I have the energy to actually take some photos with my bump, where I did not before. 

One thing that does make me nervous of ordering clothes from overseas is the fit.  Dress sizes are different from one company to the next.  This time around was even more so because I had to guess how it would be with this bump.  In the US, I am usually a size 4, and I ordered a 12 in Review's Australia dress size, which turned out to be a bit large.  I could have done a 10 and been perfect, but that means I can wear this beauty even longer into my pregnancy!  I am always looking for the plus side! 


Finishing off today's look was finding the right accessories, and really, it was like I found the right dress for this hat!  I have owned this red and navy vintage hat for YEARS! and have yet to find the right ensemble for it.  I am so SO happy I hung onto it all this time.  Also, being that we are still in Winter, I made sure to have a light weight cover up (you never know what the weather will bring in So Cal), so I also picked up the Chessie cardigan from Review.   Instead of relying on a red sweater in my own closet, I knew that getting one from the same company would have a strong likelihood of having a matching red, and boy was I right.  A vintage purse is pretty much always an addition with my outfits, and Review's garments are always complimented so well with vintage touches.   


Check out Review's line of dresses by clicking here!

Happy Valentine's Day <3 

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