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My name is Tara, and this is my Platinum Parlor.  I am a wife & mother living a life inspired by feminine feels & vintage vibes.  Here, I document my adventures around Southern California involving classic fashion, beauty products, home decor, & places of interest.  Please come in and stay for a while...

Matching at the Fun Zone

Matching at the Fun Zone

As the warm weather comes to an end here in Southern California, I had to scurry when I realized the window of appropriateness was closing on Summer attire. Rosie has this adorable ice cream print onesie and I knew that within a few weeks it would not only be odd to wear such a thing in the weather that was upon us, but she’d also be grown out of the size.  


Having my cute little bundle (Rosie) motivates me to get ready as well, so I decided this was going to be a mommy, baby, and maybe even a little bit of Max too. So what other color goes great with Rosie’s yellow attire?  PINK! I had recently snagged a pink cardigan while vintage shopping on 4th street in Long Beach, which are perfect with Rosie’s pink fuzzy sandals.


I did grab my vintage sunshine yellow souvenir scarf to match Rosies yellow bow headband. We couldn’t take two steps without someone walking by and saying how cute we looked matching. I already know this is going to be way too much fun having a little mini-me. I’m still low on options in my wardrobe from my belly bulge, but luckily I was able to squeeze, quite snuggly, into my Vivien of Holloway pencil skirt. I was really happy with this addition as it threw in a third color, and it also matched my red lips and Luxulite circus brooch.


Every Friday I promise Max a treat if he does good with his sleep schedule and behavior at school, and of course he’s my little sweetie, so he earned himself an ice cream zone from the Balboa Fun Zone. This is a small oceanside amusement park on the Balboa Peninsula, which has been open since 1936. My dad used to bring me here as a kid, and I have continued to do the same with mine.


Behind Rosie and I you can see the top of the Balboa Pavilion. This is the oldest building on Balboa, built in 1906. I love the nostalgia of places like this and try to show my children how to respect and appreciate places like this. Lets hope it sticks!


…. but I think Max appreciates the big bowl of vanilla ice cream more than the historic places these days! No sure what Rosie’s thinking about, but she sure seems focused on something!

5 Piece Skin Care from Perricone MD

5 Piece Skin Care from Perricone MD

Ready for Fall in Unique Vintage

Ready for Fall in Unique Vintage