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5 Piece Skin Care from Perricone MD

5 Piece Skin Care from Perricone MD

*I was sent these products to try for review, I was asked to give a 100% honest review in exchange for products from Perricone MD

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now as skin care is incredibly important to me. If I were rich, I’d be spending all my money on lotions and other skincare products, but it looks like I don’t have to be… for now. I am sorry to brag, but Perricone MD actually reached out to me to collaborate! WHAAAAAAT?!? I have been eyeing their products for years! Seriously. I used to work at Nordstrom, and that is when I learned this was the hottest product for results, especially for a sensitive skinned gal. Now back then I was very young, and even though I would splurge on skin care, I kept it reasonable. I knew my skin was pretty good, and I’d come back around to a product like this when I was a little older, or had more money. Now, I am in my 30s and I am on the hunt for a miracle cream, but I may as well believe in magical fairy dust.


I received a 5 piece set from Perricone MD’s Essential Fx Collection including the: Rejuvenating Moisturizer, Eyelid Lift Serum, Deep Crease Serum, Intensive Overnight Moisturizer, and Brightening Under Eye Cream. I have been using them for the last month in order to give you all the big reveal of what I found from using them.

  1. Deep Crease Serum: This was the first bottle I cracked open. My biggest concern with my face is the wrinkle I have between my eyebrows. I consider it to be deep, and I have had it probably since before I was a teenager. Since I am sensitive to light, anytime I am out in the sun, or even driving, I frown. This frowning seems to be permanent the rest of the day once it starts, and my makeup gathers in it. Sorry to gross you out, but I’m hoping that sharing this helps relate to some of you. I apply this before bed, and before putting on any moisturizer, as well as on the area before doing my makeup (which I only wear 1-2 times per week). I was impressed even after one use that my frown line seems a bit softer, its definitely still there, but softened and applying before makeup helps keep it smoothed over. I also recently started putting this on my neck crease, lets hope it can help there too, fingers crossed!


2. Rejuvenating Moisturizer: I received two different moisturizers and this one I would apply in the mornings. During colder months and especially during seasonal changes, my skin gets really tight and dry. I started using these products just as Fall weather started to set in. My eyes were dry, throat scratchy, and skin would have been flaky, but I started using this right on time. It felt so good to have a moisturizer that was heavy duty, yet not greasy, and best of all did not make me break out.


3. Intensive Overnight Moisturizer: So here is the second moisturizer, as well as the one I’d use in the evening, and I chose that routine for obvious reasons in it’s name. I don’t know if Id be able to tell the difference between the two moisturizers if it weren’t for the label, so this product does receive another great review. It feels like it repairs my skin overnight with it’s velvety feel, even in the morning, and I am so impressed that a moisturizer this heavy duty still allows my skin to breathe. NO BREAKOUTS! These last few weeks I keep touching my skin, quite surprised how soft it feels.


4. Eyelid Lift Serum: Although I feel fabulous applying this to my upper lids, I don’t know what results I should be seeing. I will continue to use this and will address any changes, even if minor. Out of the 5 pieces I have received this is the only one I am not sure I need, however, maybe with a woman who has more loosening of the skin than I do in this area, it may be helpful.


5. Smoothing & Brightening Undereye Cream: This tiny jar packs a punch on my second. least favorite area of my face. These wrinkles, or some call smile lines, have been noticed by me since my early twenties, and have since been searching for a cream to help lessen these pesky lines. Like the Deep Crease Serum I have noticed a softening of these which also helps to keep my makeup from building up in the lines. I use this at night and before applying makeup, and am now hooked on this little jar.


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