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JORD Watches $100 Giveaway!

JORD Watches $100 Giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone, or maybe not so happy to be back to the grind.  However, I have a very special giveaway to announce right now that I hope will add a little spring to your step.  I have partnered up with a super classy brand called JORD watches (pronounced "yoad") who make gorgeous wood watches for both men & women.  When I first checked out their collection I was really impressed with the design on top of the fact that these beauties were made of wood.... WOW!  Click here to see the women's collection.    

mens wood watches.jpg

Immediately I started to shop for myself, selecting ones with petite bands and pastel faces, but then I saw the men's collection.  Holy moly, this is the kind of special gift I look for when shopping for my husband!  If you don't know my husband, Josh, he is an old school car guy.  Well, he actually builds & customizes them.  He's creative and loves to see unique ideas brought into car, furniture, and yes, even fashion design.  I snagged a Conway series watch in walnut &. black (fingers crossed I selected the right one).  Click here to see the men's collection from JORD watches. 

tattooed dad

Anyone disagreeing with me that this looks awesome?!?

jord wood watches.jpg

So when our JORD watches package arrived in the mail, I was actually having a family party at my house.  I was too impatient to wait to give it to Josh, so I had him open it in front of everybody.  Sorry to put you in the spotlight Babe!  Inside was a beautifully designed wood box and it had that delicious wood smell.  Everyone in the room was gasping at what beautiful packaging my husband was holding, and forgot the part where there was going to be something inside!  The packaging alone was such a great presentation, that I highly recommend it for gifts.  Valentine's Day is coming up.....

father like son.jpg

Josh pulled out the watch and put it on right away.  Yessss!  Men can be so difficult to shop for, this was a total success.  I thought it looked so great with his skin tone, style, and look at how it matches little Max's hair!  Now that I love JORD Watches so much, I have partnered with them to do a $100 giveaway toward a watch of your choice!  The rules are super simple.... click on the link below, fill out the few questions, and good luck!  Just like that you are entered to win!  Last day to enter is February 7, 2018.

Click here to win $100 to jord watches!

100 dollar giveaway.jpg

Good Luck! from Max & the rest of us <3 

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