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VLV Packing List

VLV Packing List

Oh my goodness, it's that time of year again where we need to start thinking about Viva Las Vegas and all of our wonderfully planned outfits!  This can be a long weekend, or for some, an entire week, meaning more than just an outfit a day.  I always start by jotting down each day's events I plan on attending and go from there.  This is typically 2-3 outfits per day, and even if I only have one event planned, I at least have a day-time and a night-time ensemble.  

This will be my 8th time attending Viva Las Vegas, so I always come prepped for whatever the desert weather may throw at me.  I have experienced hot & sunny, dry & windy, and there was even one day it was cold & rainy.  I have also attended as a performer, vendor, host, & have traveled with both of my kids three of those years, so I feel well experienced for this action packed weekend.  In the Ladies VLV Packing List, I have broken down EVERYTHING you will need for the biggest rockabilly festival in the world, and this is printable for convenience! (click here for the printable list). This is categorized into hair, skin & makeup, nails, miscellaneous items, as well as outfit planning for each day, morning to night.  

If, like me, you still have a ton of shopping to do to prep for this annual festival, scroll down to get ideas going!  Day to day events and outfits are shown first, with the rest of your packing list below that.  Most items have a clickable link, ready for you to shop now, hope this helps!

The Ladies VLV Packing List!

THURSDAY (AM) Outfit Ideas: 

I call this time, "Running VLV Errands." For most, you will have your arrival, check-in, & pickup of VLV wristbands… casual attire & flats are recommended, as walking across the casino multiple times can be excessive. You also don't want to wear out your feet before the weekend begins!

THURSDAY (PM) Outfit Ideas:

Get out your fun colors and prints! Into the night you can attend a scheduled VLV meet up, Burlesque Bingo, live bands, & Frankie’s Tiki Room.  Tropical prints, lurex capris, fringe, gold, sparkle, and the rest of it are welcomed!  Just be sure to have fun! (Frankie’s is an off-site tiki bar).

FRIDAY (AM) OutFit Ideas:

Fashion show, bowling, jive classes, & vendor shopping.  There’s a lot going on today at all corner of The Orleans, and I’ve only mentioned a handful of places I like to be.  Can you make it through the first half of the day in one outfit, or will you need to change by noon?


Highly suggested is the Burlesque Showcase tonight!  This production always has an impressive bill of the best burlesque entertainers in the world.  Stay tuned to the Viva Las Vegas announcement for their full lineup.  Friday night is also fantastic to watch live bands, dinner reservations at the Golden Steer Steak House (offsite), and the All Night Jumpin’ Showcase.  I typically keep vintage cocktail hour attire in mind for Friday night’s festivities.


Here is another day that, for many, starts early.  The car show has something for everyone, firstly with the obvious…CARS, vendors, and the headlining bands. Sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a parasol, and most importantly… FLAT SHOES are strongly recommended.


After recuperating from the earlier half of the day, the excitement is still not over!  In fact, we have some of the biggest events still to come.  Saturday night is the dressiest night of them all, so dawn your most glamorous threads and head over to the Glamour Ball, hosted by yours truly! Another exciting show is the Miss VLV Burlesque Competition, and Deke’s Guitar Show for you music lovers!


Wakey-wakey! Time for some more fun in the sun at the VLV Pool Party! Although this event goes on all weekend, Sunday is by far the most popular day to attend the party, which includes a vintage swimsuit contest.  Some items to keep in mind: bathing suit/playsuit, cover up, towel, sunglasses, tropical shoes/purse/hat/hair flowers, SPF, parasol, and other poolside accessories.


Sadly, it’s the last night of VLV, and it always seems to fly by.  Be sure to pack a punch for that last outfit or two.  Some events to keep in mind: live bands, jive competition, vendors (get great deals as they are closing up), Burlesque Bingo, Charles Phoenix Slideshow, or maybe treat yourself to dinner at The Golden Steer Steakhouse.

Below are the rest of the necessities you most likely will need during your Vegas vacation.  Click on the labeled box to find my favorite product.  And don't forget you can print out your own packing list by clicking here!





Well that wraps it up!  I hope this helps you all to bring everything you need.  To get your tickets for Viva Las Vegas click here!  Tickets have sold out in previous years, so do not procrastinate!  Purchase the High Roller Pass for access to all 4 days of the event, including the Car Show.

Make reservations for the Golden Steer Steakhouse here!

Check out the searchable schedule to better plan your outfits and/or themes.  Can't wait to see how all of you look, I am always blown away!


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A Big Reveal!

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