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Meet Daisy: It's National Dog Day!

Meet Daisy: It's National Dog Day!


Happy National Dog Day everyone!  What perfect timing to share with you my new dog, Daisy.  I got her several months ago, soon after my, practically perfect, 14 year old, long hair chihuahua, Darby, passed away.  I was completely heartbroken after losing Darby, and tear up still when I think of her.  I missed having my little fur ball around the house, so I looked into some local rescues.   My son Max had been telling me he wanted to get a "small, white, girl dog named Daisy."  Max has always loved Daisy Duck, so this is where his inspiration came from.  

pink pinup yorkie puppy

On a rescue website I spotted a teeny tiny, off-white, yorkie - maltese mix.  Her name was Cubby.  After a few conversations with the rescue, Cubby was brought to our house.  We were told she was only one year old, and had been surrendered by her owners after being attacked by a pit bull.  Months after her accident, she still had a gash healing on her chin, was severely under weight (3 pounds), and so nervous she would hide from us.  These things concerned me, so I asked for a trial period with her to see if she was a good fit.  I immediately started to regret attempting to take in a new dog, I was still missing Darby so much, and Cubby needed so much attention.  

teacup yorkie

Two days later, contemplating if this was the right fit, I noticed her tiny lavender collar she had been wearing from the rescue, and how cute, it had little white daisies printed on it.  Daisies! and lavender?  Like Daisy Duck!  I couldn't believe it.  This little sign was just what I needed.  I immediately started calling her Daisy, which didn't seem to be a problem as she didn't respond to Cubby (a name given to her by the rescue) either.  

unique vintage pink dress

Over the months she has made incredible progress.  She knows the household's routine; bed time, dinner time, where and when to go potty, and she will actually eat a bowl of food and cuddle (those were huge milestones).  She is mellow when I am with her, and shows the most personality when she plays with the other dogs.  As I sit here, she is laying across my lap, similar to how Darby used to do.  

pink striped dress
unique vintage dress

Daisy had her first photo shoot yesterday.  I snagged her sweater from the sale section at PetCo this week, and how perfect that it went so well with my Hamilton Dress from Unique Vintage.  This dress is available in peach, green, and black, Not only do I love stripes, but the touches of the buttons crossing the bodice and the rope sash were so fun for a summertime look. 

daisy dog sweater

I am sure many of you can relate to my story about Daisy.  

How was it when you rescued your dog?

What are you and your dog doing for National Dog Day?

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