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My name is Tara, and this is my Platinum Parlor.  I am a wife & mother living a life inspired by feminine feels & vintage vibes.  Here, I document my adventures around Southern California involving classic fashion, beauty products, home decor, & places of interest.  Please come in and stay for a while...

Q&A with Winner Announcement

Q&A with Winner Announcement

Addressing some of your questions...

Q: How do you keep your hair so blonde? What hair products do you use?

A: Although I am a natural born blondie, I fell in love with being platinum about 12 years ago.  Prior to that, I was everything from purple, pink, red, and black in my punk rock teenage years, and I finally mellowed out to the result you see today.  I went to a wonderful salon when I transitioned to this color, and soon after I was lucky enough to learn how to do my roots myself, as this has saved me thousands of dollars over the years.  I use Wella bleach, available at Sally Beauty, and follow up with Shiny Silver purple shampoo as my toner.  I do not recommend you to attempt at bleaching your own hair if you do not know how.  I know many who have burned their hair right off of their head! 

Q: How do you juggle being a mom, wife, blogger, business owner?

A: And student!  It has been a long work in progress as I have taken so many breaks from school to take work promotions, move out of the country, have a baby, etc., but I am currently working on my undergrad in Business as well!  Basically, I like to feel productive.  Doing this can sometimes throw me into an extremely stressful feeling, but when it passes I feel fantastic for pushing through and accomplishing something.  You will rarely find me laying on the couch, or doing anything that is just sitting around, I won't even sit through an entire movie.  There's so little time to get things done! 

Q: What are your favorite makeup products?

A:  I have my go-to products I use daily and am always happy to share with all of you those products.  I love Maybelline mascara, Stila and Kat von D eyeliner, MAC Studio Fix pressed powder, Besame Cherry Red lipstick, as well Besame blush and foundation sticks.  I would love to hear some recommendations on highlighter sticks, eyebrow pencils or kits, and shadow brushes.  I recently have asked this on Instagram, and really enjoy hearing your feedback.  It is so helpful, thank you! 

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Q: Where do you get your vintage clothing?

A: Since I was a young teenager I have shopped at thrift stores, estate sales, and antique malls.  I love the hunt, and prefer this over going to a high scale vintage clothing store.  These stores have done everything I enjoy in finding these treasures, so I typically go out to find them myself.  Of course, take me to a vintage specialty store and I go bananas seeing everything pressed, cleaned, and ready to wear!  But nothing beats the feeling of snagging a pristine Lili Ann coat that's been sitting in a closet for decades. 

Q: What modern clothing designers do you suggest for those not wanting vintage?

A: There are brands that specifically cater to these kind of customers like Vivien of Holloway, The Pretty Dress Co., and so many more. These brands all make it very easy to shop when you take most of your inspiration from past decades.  However, there are plenty of pieces in my closet that come from large companies as well.  With a little imagination, and maybe some patience, stopping in at a Macy's, H&M, or Zara, could lead you to some great items and deals!  This last Spring I got an amazing oversized faux fur collar sweater from Macy's, I feel very Joan Rivers when I wear it, and it was only $9.  I am obsessed with my cream lace below the knee skirt from Zara, also snagged that one on sale.  And my wide leg, high waisted, banana leaf trousers from H&M, was a awesome find!  Some vintage wearers can get a little snooty at modern brands, but don't knock it till you try it darlings!


Q: Are you in full vintage dress, hair, and makeup all day everyday?

A: No!  I have too many days where I just need to get s*** done!  On top of the extra hours it takes to having 4 year old Max and homeschooling Vinnie, I can't be spending an hour or more in front of the mirror setting my hair, perfecting my cat eye, and finding the right outfit.  Days like these I could be in a pair of capris with a basic sweater and hair in a bun, or even my gym clothes and hit the gym before calling it a day.  

Q:  Will there be more giveaways?

A:  Yes!  I have been discussing giveaways with all of the brands you want to see more of, and will also have an ongoing list of sales or promo codes you can use to shop with.  You can click Promos in the side bar to see all active codes and giveaways.    


and the winner is....

Paige!  Who said: 

"...I would love to see more looks that incorporate pastels and black? I always want to put those colors together but think they look too harsh when combined. So I would love to see anything like that, to learn how to have a cute vintage look with that color scheme. Also anything involving hair tutorials is amazing! It's fun to see a more personal side of you as well compared to what we all see on Instagram."

Thank you all for entering.   Stay tuned for more giveaways coming very soon! 

Easy Hair Dye with No Mess

Easy Hair Dye with No Mess

It's So Beautiful I Must Give It Away!

It's So Beautiful I Must Give It Away!