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My name is Tara, and this is my Platinum Parlor.  I am a wife & mother living a life inspired by feminine feels & vintage vibes.  Here, I document my adventures around Southern California involving classic fashion, beauty products, home decor, & places of interest.  Please come in and stay for a while...

Lunch Time with My Favorite Person

Lunch Time with My Favorite Person

Today I had a lunch date with someone I eat just about every meal with, Max!  Lucky for him, it never gets old.  You can tell by the smile on my face (below), I love him to pieces!  We also met up with my parents, as well as my husband, where he was displaying some cars he had restored at the Old Town Orange Car Show.  I wanted to keep my attire classy, not too casual, and with a hint of fun.


I felt like I succeeded , as my husband told me it was one of his favorite outfits he had eve seen me wear.  Thanks babe!  A little fact about me; once I know what mood my outfit is, I always start with what I will wear on the bottom.  Not sure why, but this is always how I start.  So today it was my vintage eucalyptus green, vintage pencil skirt.  This is my favorite pencil skirt in my closet.  It fits like a custom piece, and I snagged it for less than $5 at a thrift store years ago.


Max coming in for a picture and "a kissy from Mommy."  (heart melts)

On top I wore a pastel pink, small floral print, sheer blouse with puffed sleeves.  This print has bits of the same green in my skirt for the leaves, so it's a match!  The fun part of this outfit was tying the ends of the blouse together into a knot.  Doing this makes me feel like I am not too serious.  I paired it with a light pink floppy hat, a 1950s beaded purse I recently scored at an antique mall by my home, as well as lucite heeled sandals. 

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