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My name is Tara, and this is my Platinum Parlor.  I am a wife & mother living a life inspired by feminine feels & vintage vibes.  Here, I document my adventures around Southern California involving classic fashion, beauty products, home decor, & places of interest.  Please come in and stay for a while...

Pinup Hair Challenge: Days 11-20

Pinup Hair Challenge: Days 11-20

Here is Part 2 of the 30 Day Pinup Hair Challenge. See Part 1 by clicking here.  Below you will see recreations of old images, several hair accessories, and I even got to doing another video or two.  There are only a few more days left of the challenge on Instagram, are you following along?

Day 11: Use a Polka Dot Head Scarf

I could not decide which hair style I wanted to show while wearing a polka scarf, so why not show 5 different ways?  These are all the easiest options, and require little to no skill.

Day 12:  Dramatic Veil

This day I was feeling so sick! So I did not get to put as much effort here, but I still made it outside to stick with my commitment in the hair challenge.  Using a long, red rose print scarf I used this as a veil on top of loose curls, with one pin curl in front.  Click this link for a red rose scarf.

scarf head wrap pinup style

Day 13: Bumper Bangs

There are several different techniques when it comes to creating bumper bangs, a style which became popular in the 1940s.  For me however, I think cutting a hair donut so that it is one long piece is the easiest.  Then you wrap your hair down and pin into your desired shape.  See a super easy 1 minute video below.

pinup bumper bangs

Day 14: Use a Turban

My old company use to sell turbans, so I am totally familiar and comfortable styling these.  They come in really handy when roots need to be done, hair is a mess, rainy days, or to look cute really.  Click here to find a turban for you! 

black velvet turban

Day 15: Updo with Red Flower, Red Top, & Use of Second Vibrant Color

Honestly, I don't wear many hair flowers, but I always wear my red poinsettia during the holidays.  It's been a tradition of mine for over a decade now, and I think it looks so kitsch, but cute & classy!  I wore a pop of bright green with my vintage clip ons, then my vintage red wrap sweater, and look at that cute star bag.  Oh wait... it's not a bag, its a flask. Get yours at www.alwaysfits.com

holiday Christmas pinup style

Day 16:  Beret & Striped Top

Pretty self explanatory... Last year I purchased this leopard beret and somehow never found a reason to wear it.  It's so cute & comfy.  Surprisingly, I did not have a striped shirt to wear for this challenge, so I ran into Target, found this long sleeve tee for $10, and I wore it 4 days in a row, and I'm not kidding! 

leopard beret classic style

Day 17: Snood

On day 17, challenge participants brought out their snoods.  I look at this hair item like a hat or accessory, but it definitely comes in handy when curls need to stay put.  Click here for a black hair net.

beautiful bougainvillea

Day 18: Inspiration from a Vargas Pinup Girl

From the iconic artist, Alberto Vargas, I replicated a hair style from the girl in the red bathing suit.  What do you think?

vargas pinup bumper bangs.jpg
vargas pinup bumper bangs

Day 19: Recreate a Look from Dorothy Dandridge

I felt super intimidated by this challenge, and I guess I do when I recreate a look exactly from a past photo or person.  In no way am I trying to show how I can make myself look like them, I never think I do, but it is fun to style your hair, or in my case, find a dress that had similar lines to wear as well.   

Day 20: Vintage Hat with Veil

Here's another piece I had purchased on Etsy well over a year ago, and never wore it!  I knew I had this turquoise velvet, wiggle dress in my closet, but was waiting for the right time to put them on.  I guess I needed a challenge to pull it out from my hat storage. 

turquoise dress vintage hat veil

Thanks for checking in!  Days 21-30 coming up in only a few days....

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Black Cat & My Leopard Beret

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