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30 Day Pinup Hair Challenge: Days 1-10

30 Day Pinup Hair Challenge: Days 1-10

For the last month or so I have been so up and down with everything I do for my work.  I have to be on social media so much, and sometimes it just bores me to death! So in attempt to make me feel inspired, I decided to hop on the 30 Day Pinup Hair Challenge hosted by Angelique Noir.  Below you can see the first 10 challenges.  I am already so happy to be participating in this, as I have tried styles I was too intimidated by for years!  I have been asked by many to do tutorials on some of these, so I will get to that as soon as I can.  Let me know in comments below which you like best! 

Day 1: Any Pinup Inspired Hair Style

I chose a basic brush out from a 1" barrel set of curls. Not much more explaining there! 

goth pinup.jpg

Day 2: Red Head Scarf

I did three front rolls with the rest covered by my red head scarf.  Paired with red lipstick, it is very Christmas-y, don't you think?  

pinup style hair updo .jpg

Day 3: Blue Hair Accessory

I could have gone for a basic blue scarf, but why not take it up a notch with a vintage blue felt hat, and can you see the big plume on it too? All original.  I did a twist in the back with just a couple of bobby pins, and allowed my front curl to softly relax.  

Vintage Style fashion

Day 4: Something Sparkly

I am always trying to find a reason to wear my star crowns, aren't you?  Because the crown is such a statement, I brushed out my hair from the day before for a soft wave and went easy on the makeup.  I was trying to create my Grace Kelly moment.  

grace kelly old hollywood.jpg

Day 5: Vintage Inspired Do, With a Right Part

With the back laying long, I did two twist back rolls for a 40s inspired do.  

pinup hair style long hair .jpg

Day 6: Pink Head Scarf

This is pretty much my go-to hair style when I am on the run.  One front curl pinned, and the rest of the hair either twisted or in a bun.  Then my scarf is folded to be worn like a headband, you can tie it either on top, slightly to the side, or underneath.  

Retro in Pink

Day 7: Recreate an Old Hollywood Hair Style

Even more so than Old Hollywood Movie Stars, I have studied the burlesque dancers of the 30s-60s.  One of my favorites was Lili St Cyr.  Her face was always so striking with confidence and intensity.  In this particular photo I have always kept in my inspo files, is her mugshot from 1947 after being arrested for lewd behavior in a dance club.  Her hair is in this massive braid bun, and I finally was given a reason to overcome the intimidation of this.  I parted my hair and pinned it back on the sides, then put all my hair into a bun on top of my head.  Then, I hung my half wig on my bathroom door handle, braided it, then pinned my half wig to my bun and wrapped the brain around.  Surprisingly, so easy!  This has been the most recommended style i make a video tutorial for. 

celebrity doppelgänger lili st cyr.jpg

Day 8: Rita Hair Flip

I almost gave up on this challenge.  Recreate the iconic Rita Hayworth hair flip?  Here is my attempt.

Day 9: The Braided Halo

With my very recent experience doing the braid bun, I was set to go with this one.  I took a different route to make this do frame my head though.  I started with the first steps in day 7, pinning back the sides and putting my hair in a bun.  I hung the half wig again on the door handle, and instead of one large braidI did two.  Then I pinned the half wig onto my head upside downed wrapped the two braids upward.  Absolutely love this look! 

pink pinup

Day 10: Billie Holiday and Her White Flowers

I needed to buy supplies to achieve the iconic singers flower look.  I stopped in at my local Hobby Lobby and found these good quality white roses for only $1 each!  Score!  Not only did that help todays hair challenge, but I know for sure I'll use these again. 

Billy holiday white flowers

Thanks for following along.  Up next... days 11-20!

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