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My name is Tara, and this is my Platinum Parlor.  I am a wife & mother living a life inspired by feminine feels & vintage vibes.  Here, I document my adventures around Southern California involving classic fashion, beauty products, home decor, & places of interest.  Please come in and stay for a while...

Autumn Sunshine in The Pretty Dress Co

Autumn Sunshine in The Pretty Dress Co

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So Cal can't seem to make up it's mind on the weather these days. In the last month we've had temperatures reaching 105, cold & gloomy days needing a coat, or a practically perfect day for a pink pencil dress with a cardigan draped on my shoulders.  Do any of you recall when they used to call that earthquake weather?  Ha.  I personally love it when the temperatures are low enough so I'm not sweating, and that would be today!

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Since we do receive sunshine throughout the year, we are given beautiful gardens year round.  Bougainvillea is one of my favorites, and it's currently everywhere you look in my neighborhood right now.  I love how these flowers have a mind of their own making a statement wherever they grow.   Then, a genius home owner down the street from us, put a wood wheel wagon in their yard with these flowers spilling out of it.   Seriously? Why didn't I think of that?  

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With the right shades, I love a monotone look.  I paired The Pretty Dress Co Priscilla pink gingham wiggle dress with a vintage pink cardigan.  Although I would also wear this with another shade, lets say a yellow cardigan, doing that can cut your silhouette (and maybe look like an Easter basket), but staying with one color can give the appearance of an elongated frame.  This dress is very comfortable, and like all Pretty Dress Co. designs, is so well made.  The construction of every dress has such a wonderful fit, so much that I don't even need to gear up with support wear.  I love having a little belt to accentuate the waist line, and this dress comes with it!

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I topped off my outfit with some of my go-to accessories including my Delancey Crystal cat eye sunglasses by Alice+Olivia, a petite vintage purse, and a novelty fish brooch handmade by Luxuriate.  I used to work with designer sunglasses back in my retail days, and these Alice + Olivia frames are top quality, with sexy and flirty designs, not to mention these ones have Swarovski crystals.  You can get a discount on your purchase using code: TARASFRIENDS at www.aliceandolivia.com/eyewear

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Finally, I have been taking part in a 30 day hair challenge on my Instagram page.  Today's was a braid halo, which was the first time I had attempted this.  It was much easier than I thought, and I love how it came out.  The hair is off my neck, and I feel very feminine with this style.  Follow along, and if there are any styles I should turn into how-to videos, leave a comment below! 

30 Day Pinup Hair Challenge: Days 1-10

30 Day Pinup Hair Challenge: Days 1-10

Web Dress for Halloween 2017

Web Dress for Halloween 2017