It is a pleasure to have you here, and I thank you for coming into, what I call, my Platinum Parlor.  If you have followed me from my first blog, The Pink Collar Life, there will still be all the glam, pink, and vintage vibes, but to that I will expand into the rest of my world.  You can expect to see styling & beauty videos, shopping links, giveaways, and a view into my real life of being a wife & mother (and no, it is not as glam as social media makes it appear).   

My daily life:  We have three kids!  Vinnie is 13 years old.  He is passionate about dancing, and we stay busy  juggling his practice, rehearsal, & performance schedules.  It makes us proud to see him so talented & confident in an area of art that not many boys participate in.  Our 6 year old Max, is a total mama's boy, but is also a crazy kindergartener!  He keeps me laughing and exhausted every day! Last year my husband and I welcomed our baby girl Rosie. She already shows so much personality, and is now the little princess in the house.  I am married to my hot rod building husband, Josh, who helps a ton behind the scenes with Platinum Parlor.  Together, we are a family of old souls, who appreciate classic fashion, old music, & anything with unique character.  

I would love to hear your feedback!  Please comment under any blog post or follow me on social media to keep in touch!

Instagram: @taramisioux